If you became engaged over the holiday season, you have probably already updated your status on Facebook and posted your ring on social media, but now you’re facing a whole bunch of decisions. The first one might be whether you should have an engagement party.

The months and days leading up to your wedding should be a celebration, so let’s get the party started as soon as possible. But there are a few things to think about before you jump in.

First, do you have time to plan and execute an engagement party? If you are getting married in nine months or less, then you probably should skip it. Also, planning a wedding is time-consuming enough, do you want to have to plan an engagement party too?

Next, evaluate your budget. You need to start talking about money with your partner, and parents, if they are going to contribute to your wedding. Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, but if they are helping with the big day, they might be reluctant to help with both. Even if you have a generous budget, some couples would rather put additional money towards the big day and splurge on something awesome.

Who should you invite? Anyone you invite to the engagement party (or any other pre-wedding party), should be invited to the wedding also. If family is far away, is it feasible for them to attend both? Generally, if you are having a large wedding, then an engagement party will make more sense than if you are having a smaller, intimate wedding.

Have you started your registry? You will want to have some items on your list before you send out engagement party invitations. Guests might want to bring you something, especially if they will not be able to attend the showers or wedding.

Finally, is an engagement party something you really can’t do without? Sometimes we think we should follow traditions and expectations, when, in our hearts, we just want acknowledgement of our new status.

Engagement parties seem to be less and less important now that everyone is on social media (even my 94-year-old grandma is on Facebook!) So relax, post, and focus on what is important to you as a couple.