As in every profession, a wedding planner needs to stay on top of what is trending all over the world. While I am always a fan of couples doing what they feel is most personal to them, there are a few changes that seem to be widespread due to the global pandemic.

Smaller Weddings

This is the biggest change that we see in the wedding world. Couples are inviting only the closest of friends and family. While I have always been an advocate of intimate weddings, smaller weddings are now, not only fashionable, but may be mandated by your state or local government.


Even though the guest list is smaller, couples are opting for some over-the-top elements from lighting and floral installations and large bouquets to week-long destination weddings. Having less guests means you can spend more money on opulence and luxury.

Colors, Colors, Everywhere

Grooms are ditching the standard black, blue and tan for green, burgundy, and even mustard suits. Vivid colors will also extend to florals and tablescapes. With yellow hues emerging as the go-to color.

Bye-Bye Buffets

Because of safety concerns, buffets are being replaced by plated dinners. Also, couples are opting for locally sourced meats and vegetables and even local beers and wines. We are even seeing wedding cakes go by the wayside in favor of petit fours or cupcakes.

Keeping it Chill

You may have waited or postponed their wedding for over a year now. With all the uncertainty and worry they have been through just to get to married, couples are looking for a relaxed and informal vibe to their big day. We have all had enough drama, no one needs any more.

But as always, you do you

No matter what trends come and go, always be true to yourself and have the wedding you want. Be grateful to those who can be there in person on your big day and you can always opt to live-stream your ceremony for those who can not. And, as always…