In the theatre, you know that before any performance there are rehearsals. And your wedding is no exception. You and your fiancé are the lead actors, your wedding party is the supporting cast, and your wedding planner is the director. Like a play, rehearsal is a chance to practice your parts. But if you have never been involved in a wedding before, you might not know what you should expect.

Here are a few things to think about on rehearsal day:

1)  Try not to get frustrated with your wedding party.  Usually rehearsals happen the night before the wedding. People may have worked all day and I have seen a lot of people get distracted by phones or in side conversations. If you have children in the wedding party, they might get hungry and tired, which leads to misbehaving. Know that everyone there wants to be supportive of you, but they are also human beings. It is not an indication of how they will act on the wedding day.

2) Think of the rehearsal as a chance to work out all the details. You and your planner may have thought of everything, but sometimes there are unexpected issues to resolve. Maybe you planned on having his grandmother sit in the last seat in front row, but now you realize that she might have a better view from the first seat in the second row. Anticipate there will be some last-minute changes to your plan.

3)  It may seem strange, but rehearsal will start in “the middle” of the wedding. The first thing you will practice is where everyone stands at the altar. This gives your wedding party a chance to see where they are in relation to each other and any décor you may have, such as a unity candle stand or arch. Then you will practice the processional and recessional a couple of times all the way through.

4) It should last about an hour to an hour in a half, depending on your wedding party. Larger groups and parties with kids can take a little longer.

Most of the time rehearsals seem a little chaotic, but think of it as a chance to see what works and what doesn’t so you can fix any problems before the main performance.  Don’t stress and remember that on your wedding day you will be surrounded by the people who love you most.