This is one of the most asked questions from couples. Do you need to provide wedding favors for your guests?

When I started out in the wedding industry, many years ago, the only favors I ever saw were little boxes of Jordan Almonds placed at each table setting. Now, I grew up in the Northeast, and a quick Google search reveals that this started out as an Italian and Greek tradition that seeped into popular culture.

Heck, I even had them at my first wedding and I am neither Greek nor Italian!

Over time, either because Jordan Almonds are not that tasty or because weddings in general have become more about reflecting the couple's personalities and traditions, a whole industry of wedding favors has emerged. But is this all really necessary?

For those who know me, I always say that the ceremony is for the couple. Whatever traditions, new or old, cultural representations, religious beliefs the couple holds should be incorporated into the ceremony, regardless of what anyone else wants or thinks.

The reception, however, is for your guests. As the couple, you are the host of the reception and should treat your guests as you would if they were invited to your home. You are spending a significant amount of money on food, drinks, cake and music. And believe me, your guests are already appreciative of  this.

Ask any planner, and the one thing they hate to see at the end of the night is a table full of favors that no one picked up. I always feel that the couple could have spent that money on something they really wanted or something that all guests would enjoy. Maybe a photo booth or a caricature artist? Desserts in to-go boxes are great for people to take back to their hotel. And coffee or hot-chocolate bars are appreciated in the cooler months.

Whatever you decide, favors are neither expected nor required. If you do decided on having them, they are should be a simple token of your appreciation and reflect who you are as a couple.

As always,