Drinking alcohol has become such an accepted, and ubiquitous, social activity, some couples wouldn’t even think of having a dry wedding.

But for some couples a dry wedding is exactly what they want. It may be for religious reasons, but it also might be that they are in recovery, don’t want the drama associated with guests who get too drunk, or they are trying to cut their budget. Whatever the reason, you can host a successful dry wedding if you put a little extra effort into your planning.

Have plenty of non-alcoholic choices. In addition to having several soda options, think about having several options of fruit and herb infused water and tea. Some options for water are lemon and mint for summer or apple and cinnamon stick for fall. Infuse your teas with peaches or blueberries. Your caterer should be able to help you come up with creative options.

Create a celebratory mocktail. Use sparkling cider in the place of any recipe that calls for champagne. Martinelli’s is the most cost-effective sparkling cider and their website has tons of ideas. But don’t rule out higher end bottles that may be more suitable for toasting.

Don’t advertise. Be very cautious about notifying your guests in advance that your reception will be non-alcoholic. A couple things could happen: the guests who are disappointed might “pre-game” and show up to your wedding hammered. Or, they might sneak in their own stash which could violate your venue’s policies and you would be liable.

Spread out the fun. Consider using the money you are saving on alcohol to go toward a photo booth, magician or caricature artist. Your DJ or band will keep them on the dance floor, but even the most enthusiastic dancer will need a break once in a while.

Having a dry wedding is a personal choice that should be respected. You don’t need to apologize to your guests. They are there to celebrate your special day with you. If you keep it fun and offer plenty of tasty alternatives, everyone will walk away happy and sober.