Have you ever talked to a couple who are willing to postpone their wedding by a year or more because their favorite venue was already booked every Saturday during their preferred time of the year? I have. Recently, I assisted another planner with a Friday wedding, and I thought it was great! The wedding was over and there was still a whole weekend left over. So I started to wonder; When did Saturday become the most coveted wedding day of the week?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that, and actually, a quick Google search didn’t produce any answers. I am guessing it has more to do with our typical Monday through Friday work schedules than tradition or anything else. But there are valid reasons to consider having a Thursday, Friday, or even a Wednesday wedding.

  1. Venue costs. Almost always a venue will offer discounts for weddings on any other day than Saturday. You may even be able to negotiate lower than their Friday and Sunday rates if you consider a Wednesday or Thursday.
  2. Less competition. We all want to book the A-list vendor team and if you are willing to forgo a Saturday wedding, you can probably have your pick of the best. Caterers and florists may be willing to offer discounted rates on their slower days, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Lower airfares. If you are having a lot of guests who will have to book transportation, flights can be cheaper if you leave during the week. This can also benefit you when booking your honeymoon.
  4. The perfect excuse. Who doesn’t want the perfect excuse to take off a few days from work? Especially right before the weekend. Your guests won’t mind asking the boss off for an extended weekend to attend your Thursday or Friday wedding. You might be doing them a favor.
  5. College Football. Yes, I know. I had to add this one in there. Hey, its The South; fall weddings and college ball are popular, but sometimes don’t mix. Even if YOUR team is not playing on that particular Saturday, chances are you are bumming out someone else. Shallow, maybe, but still, unless you are having your reception at the local sports bar, you could have just had your wedding on a Friday instead!
  6. Your First Anniversary. Getting married on a Thursday or Friday means that your first anniversary will most likely be on a Friday or Saturday, instead of Sunday. Much better for a date night.

In our technologically connected world, a non-Saturday wedding might be just as convenient for you and your guests as a Saturday wedding, so I think it is worth considering these days. Before you commit to veering off the beaten path, review your guest list and determine if it would be a problem for a majority of your guests, or your most important guests. Its not worth all the benefits of having a non-Saturday wedding if your favorite people can’t be there to share it with you.

If you do decide that a non-Saturday wedding is for you, congrats, you are a trend-setter! I would recommend sending out Save-the-Dates that clearly indicate the day of the week. And for those guests that do come, acknowledge your appreciation by having some welcome baskets ready at the hotel. With Saturday free, you could plan a post-marital outing with family and guests who decided to stay in town for the extra day. Or, get a jump-start on your honeymoon a day early. Whatever you decide as a couple, your wedding day should always be as unique as you are.