The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

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Every year since 1999, Pantone has announced their color of the year. I am excited to see that the color for 2018 is Ultra Violet.

Pantone doesn’t just pull a color out of thin air each year. The team is out in the world looking at what is out in the marketplace and analyzing trends. They saw this color in everything from hair and makeup to cars and hotel lighting.

Pantone says that Ultra Violet represents the “connection between the life-sustaining red and heavenly blue.” It evokes the magical, mystical and spiritual; what is possible beyond our own world. I like to think of weddings as a manifestation of the magical and spiritual connection between two people who promise to help sustain each other through life.

A color seen throughout history with artists like Jimmy Hendrix, David Bowie, Prince and Katy Perry, the color makes you think of “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking” as well as creativity and non-conformity. Perfect for the bride or groom who considers themselves to be a bit of a rebel themselves.

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