I wrote a few months ago about honeymoon registries but I wanted to share some other ideas you may want to incorporate into your wedding registry. Registries can be a daunting task. Many couples don’t know where to start (or end!). Sometimes we just start picking everything we like or need without thinking about what we will enjoy. As exciting as blenders can be, maybe you want to get a little more creative with your gifts.

We all know about Bed Bath and Beyond, the go-to wedding registry for a lot of couples, but what if you would rather have a tablet than a toaster? Check out Best Buy’s wedding registry. Why not get a GoPro to capture your honeymoon activities or a home theatre system for your new home? Don’t worry, you can still get everyday items such as vacuums and toasters too.

Do you want to spend your first few weeks as newlyweds in the bedroom instead of planning your nightly meals? Ask for a subscription to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh  where you can have pre-assembled meals delivered to your home for $9.00 – $10.00 per person. You can enjoy healthy meals without spending your time shopping for ingredients. Blue Apron also has a wine subscription service to pair with your food selections.

For hard-core wine lovers, there are several wine subscriptions you can join. I have personally tried Laithwaite’s Four Seasons Club as a Christmas gift from my son. All of the wines I got were really good and was fun to try wines that I normally would not buy. Another highly rated club is Wall Street Journal’s Discovery Wine Club. With both clubs, you get 15 bottles of wine for only $69.99 per shipment, that’s less than $5.00 per bottle. However, if beer is more your speed, check out the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club where you can get twelve 12oz bottles from U.S. microbreweries for $27.95 per month plus shipping and handling.

Of course there is nothing wrong with registering with Amazon or the chicer registry site, Zola, but I think it is fun to mix it up a little and add something unique. Before you tackle your registry, take inventory of your shared belongings and make a couple lists.

First, identify the items you need to get thought the average day. Make sure these are items you don’t want to have to buy yourself. Yes, you are probably going to want to have a toaster, but maybe you would rather spend that $45.00 yourself and put something else on the list.

Second, make a list of what you really want and don’t look at websites before you do this. If you can’t think of an item off of the top of your head, then you really didn’t want it in or need it the first place.

Then, have a little fun and put something on there that will enhance your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bottle of wine handy for a special meal or occasion? On the days where you just can’t do another thing, you won’t have to resort to Chinese if you asked for a meal delivery service.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to stick to the same old lists when creating your registry. Have fun, be creative and only ask for things that will improve your lifestyle and bring happiness to your new life together.