As Pride Month 2019 comes to a close, unfortunately, I have been reminded that there are still vendors that refuse to service LGBTQ couples. And while we do not have the power to change anyone’s mind, and the courts have asserted that it is their right to refuse service, I am still disappointed that this discrimination exists.

I would also like to acknowledge that sometimes it is not the couple who is seeking LGBTQ friendly vendors for themselves. As creatives, we should be aware that a cisgender, straight couple may have family members who identify as LGBTQ and would like to know that their vendors will be inclusive and supportive. 

So far, I have been fortunate to work and interact with creative partners that do not discriminate and have been very open to working with anyone. But I have heard tales of people that do. Part of my job as a planner is to make sure that every vendor I work with will respect my clients, no matter who they are. Not only do consider the owner or principal, I make sure that any employee or staff who is involved with the wedding will also be respectful and polite. 

No matter who we are, we have probably been on the receiving end of hurtful words and actions at some time in our lives. I know that I have. It is time for all of us to live by those words we learned so long ago: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. I hope that if not today, then some day soon.