And I know it.

I’m a planner. I’m really good at planning. I love to plan. Which is probably why I am terrible at social media.

Being good at social media requires a degree of spontaneity. Being good at my job requires an abundance of preparation.

I am usually thinking about the next problem to solve or the next move to make. What might go wrong, and making sure it doesn’t happen. Which makes me really great at being an event planner, but not so great at being impulsive.

Which is something I really envy about my photographer friends. I am always amazed how a great photographer can “see” and capture images that I can’t, even though we are in the exact same spot at the exact same time. They have so many beautiful images to share and I appreciate the gift that they have to be extemporaneous.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. I am not opposed to learning new things. Colleagues steered me to all sorts of apps and websites designed to help me improve my social media game. But, eventually frustration sets in. Even when using apps designed to help me “plan” and “schedule” my posts. It just all seems contrived and unauthentic.

So, please excuse my Instagram account, I know it’s lame. I have tried, really, I have. I use Facebook the most, but now I am having reservations about supporting them anymore. At least not with advertising dollars.

I accept the fact that I will never be a social media superstar. And that’s okay. I’m a planner. I’m really good at planning. I love to plan.