My Forever Valentine

Valentine’s Day. When you are single it either goes unnoticed or you are dreading it. But if you are one of the six million people who planned to propose marriage (or were proposed to) on February 14th, the day now becomes something extra special.

Maybe you are still recovering from your wedding expenses or saving for your first house, but you don’t have to break the bank to have a romantic Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few inexpensive ways to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds:

Take pictures of all your special places. Make signs about where you met, where you first kissed, or where you were proposed to and make a Facebook or Instagram Story.

Collect some love poems. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to swoop your lover off their feet. Get online and compile 10 love poems to put in a little notebook that can be carried around as a constant reminder of your love. Every year you can add a poem to create a lasting diary.

Hide love notes to be discovered throughout the day. Hide notes in unexpected places, like in his shoes or in a shirt or pants pocket. If she is a coffee drinker, put one in the can or pod rack. Email a trusted co-worker to put one at his desk.

Make chocolate fondue for dessert. You can buy a small fondue pot for about $30.00 (or a small crockpot), which is perfect for two. Melt chocolate and dip pretzels, pound cake, bananas and strawberries. Sexy and delicious!

Get away, in your home town. Find an affordable bed and breakfast or hotel in your hometown and stay the night. Sometimes just a little change in venue can spark something new.

Sometimes less is more. Buy one stunning red rose and use some ribbon to tie a hand-written love note to the stem. Or ask your florist for rose petals and scatter them on the bed with a favorite chocolate. This is one time where the thought really does count!