When I was young, I dreamed that my wedding day would be a lavish affair, with hundreds of people joining in celebration of, well, me! But at this time in my life, I feel like our wedding should be a gathering of the people closest to us in place that is meaningful to us. We feel that more people does not necessarily equal more happiness or more fun.

Maybe, like me, most of your family lives far away and can’t make the trip to your hometown. Or you want to have a destination wedding, and know that most of your guests can’t to afford to go. Can it also be that you just don’t have that many friends? Whatever the reason, you have decided to have an intimate wedding; a wedding with 75 or less guests.

Intimate weddings allow you to share the day with your innermost circle of friends and family. The ones that have, and will always, be by your side. You don’t have to worry about pleasing Aunt Emily’s high standards, because she won’t be there to judge you.

A smaller guest list also gives you a chance to pick unique venues. You might not be able to fit 200 guests on that mountainside cliff overlooking the ocean, but 50, no problem. Or that little chapel with the adorable spring garden. Done!

With less guests to feed, you can spend your food budget on higher quality or unusual food options. The seafood bar you wanted for your beach wedding may no longer be out of the question. Or the venison that is a family favorite. Go for it. Wow them with a meal they will never forget.

Along with the food, you might want to splurge on your bar, offering top shelf liquors or craft beers. A lot of couples decide not to have the champagne toast, due to costs, but with an intimate wedding, this may not be a concern since you will only be buying a few bottles, instead of a couple dozen.

And lastly, I love intimate weddings because they lend themselves to an air or romance. You can really feel the love that everyone has for each other and the appreciation to be a part of your special and unique day.

Smaller weddings don’t necessarily equal less expensive weddings. In fact, they can give you an opportunity to go big with a lot of aspects of your day and get creative with your venues, food and décor. As always, be true to your instincts and do what’s best for you as a couple.

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