I am the first to admit that I am not the planner for everyone. Just like any relationship, sometimes it isn’t meant to be. And that is okay. Your day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you should feel completely at ease with the person who is going to see you through to the end.

I love planning. I get to work intimately with my clients from day one. I want to know every detail of your wedding or event so that we can limit any surprises. My goal is to execute your vision as close to perfect as possible and having open and clear communication is very important to me.

I strive to be a trusted confidant for you. This is why I offer my clients unlimited electronic communication. I never want you to spend one moment worrying about a detail that we can resolve together. Whatever your concerns are, we will face them together.

Honesty and transparency are important to any relationship, including ours, and I vow to always treat you and your loved ones with respect. I don’t take any kickbacks, ask or pay to get on any preferred vendor lists and if I get any discounts from vendors, I will pass them along to you.

When you hire a planner, you are investing in an important relationship. You are choosing the person who will help you through a stressful, but joyous, time in your life. No matter if it is a wedding or family event, this day will always hold a special place in your heart.

While I can never guarantee perfection, I always strive for it. And always know, that as your planner, your best interest is always my number one priority.