What would you like to know?

Most wedding planners offer three service levels. Why do you only offer one?

My planning package is somewhere between partial planning and full-service planning. I found that this gives couples the most flexibility because sometimes you just don't know where the planning process will take you. I want you to feel like you have access to me for any questions or concerns that may arise and if you find you need more services than you initially thought, then there is no need to revisit our contract or make any changes. It is all covered in the Essential Planning Package.

My venue has an on-site coordinator, do I really need a wedding planner?

On-site coordinators are wonderful resources for couples. They typically will offer you a prefered vendors list and might even help you on your wedding day. But the main difference between having your own planner and an on-site coordinator, is that they usually restrict their involvement to what happens within the venue itself and only on the day of the event. Since they work with every couple who has booked the venue, they don't really have time to help you with all the little details, attend vendor meetings or give you advice.

Do you take any kickbacks or pay to be on preferred vendors lists?

I never take kickbacks from other vendors. If a vendor offers me a discount, I pass that savings onto my clients. Also, I have never paid or asked to be placed on a preferred vendors list. I appreciate when other vendors recommend me because when they do, I know it is because they truly like working with me, not because I asked them to.

Why do some planners cost more than others?

There will always be someone who is less expensive than I am. I price my services based on my knowledge, experience and the value I bring to my clients. I do not overload my schedule with too many events. My planning style is immersive and I want to give each client the attention they deserve so that their wedding or event is executes as close to perfect as possible.

How many clients do you take at one time?

I always want my clients to have as much access to me as they need. I offer unlimited communication and have a very generous meeting policy. I will turn away work if I feel that my schedule has become too demanding for me to give 100% to you or any other client.

Can I see a copy of your contract?

Absolutely! My contract consists of three parts: the Terms and Conditions, which you can access by the link below. The Scope of Services, which is created after our phone consultation and outlines the specific duties related to your event, and a Credit Card Authorization, for any incidental spending that may occur when planning your event. This amount is limited to the amount agreed upon in the Scope of Services.

Terms and Conditions

What is your current COVID response status?

I am fully vaccinated as of May 5, 2021 and have my first booster. I plan to get any recommended doses going forward. If you would like me to wear a mask at your event, I will be happy to comply.  I will be happy to discuss any concerns you have or precautions you feel are necessary to make your event safe.

Why can't I find you on Facebook or Instagram?

I made the difficult decision to delete my accounts in 2021 for personal reasons despite how it could affect my business. I do post to LinkedIn, Google and Alignable.