Custom Wedding invitations should be more than just the who, what, when and where. While those details are super important, your invitations should also be a reflection of your wedding theme and highlight your style and colors. When your guests open that envelope, they should automatically get a feel for what is to come. Whether your wedding is rustic, elegant, a barbeque or multi-course dinner, the invitations need to convey that message visually.

You have probably already looked at several websites for invitations. Maybe you have even met with a local vendor. But none of them feel just right. You have spent so much time dreaming, thinking and planning out every detail of this one day; you definitely don’t want to set up your guests for a surprise. But really, what can happen from sending an invitation? Okay. Maybe the sky won’t fall in, but you can risk embarrassing a guest.

I knew someone who didn’t use their wedding colors on their invitations, and guess what? A guest showed up looking like one of the bridesmaids! Using your colors gives your guests a clue on what colors not to wear, especially for the female guests. Showing up in the same blue shade as the wedding party can be pretty awkward for everyone.

What happens if you use a really formal script on your invitations, but your wedding is in a barn? While this isn’t an excuse for your guests to wear jeans to your wedding, they might show up in formal wear when you were really going for something more relaxed. Usually formal type on an invitation indicates formal attire, while a softer font will convey a more semi-formal feel.

Amanda Selby is a graphic designer who creates custom invitations. She says that “when it comes to paper selection and typefaces, the possibilities are endless.” She goes on to add that “Sometimes all it takes is adding a small embellishment like a ribbon, feather, or something that will help tie your invitation to your big day.”

I believe that you should also consider carrying that level of detail through all your paper products. From save-the- dates to thank you cards, you can create a design element throughout your entire event. Selby also designs wedding suites where all of your paper matches. This creates a level of personalization that will really impress. Selby says that “when it comes to your special day, it’s all about the details. From the dress to the flowers to the invitations, what an amazing feeling when all of it flows. And trust me, your guests will notice.”

Invitations and thank you cards are a must for every wedding, but if you already decided to purchase programs, menu cards and table numbers, why not create something unique and special? Selby admits that “there are great websites (for custom suites)… but if you are looking for something completely different and original and tailored to you, choose a designer to work with. In the end, you will be glad you did. And forever you will have a special piece of art created just for your day.”