Seating Charts, Escort Cards and Place Cards – Avoiding Confusion

Seating Charts, Escort Cards and Place Cards – Avoiding Confusion We love and embrace the trend of “picking a seat, not a side” for ceremonies, but when it comes to your meal, having open seating should definitely not be an option. I know, you are all becoming one big happy family so what’s the problem? ...

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Encore Weddings | Falling in love again

“How lucky to have been twice blessed in marriage!” – Harriet Smith, Emma (film) Every wedding is a unique and wonderful event. Just because it is your second (or third) marriage, doesn’t mean your special day is any less important than your first. Every desire should be considered and every detail should be planned. Because it ...

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The Dress

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Once you got the dress handled, it’s all downhill from there.  – Helen Hunt in “What Women Want” Okay, maybe planning your wedding isn’t all downhill, but it can sure seem stressful especially after you are over the thrill of picking out your gown. For many newly engaged brides, dress shopping is a fun and ...

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On a personal note… Engagement Season is Here!

On a personal note… Engagement Season is Here! This is an exciting time of year for everyone, especially wedding professionals. The holidays are a time of joy and they also mark the beginning of engagement season. Facebook analyzed posts and found that “1/3 of people get engaged between November and December.” With wedding season over, ...

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The Friendor Dilemma

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The Friendor Dilemma Your best friend loves to bake. Everyone complements her unique and delicious confectionary creations. You loved the cupcakes she made for your birthday. Now that you are engaged, she totally wants to make the cake for your wedding, but you have your heart set on this three-tier stained glass creation: And you’re ...

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