Pride Month 2019

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As Pride Month 2019 comes to a close, unfortunately, I have been reminded that there are still vendors that refuse to service LGBTQ couples. And while we do not have the power to change anyone’s mind, and the courts have asserted that it is their right to refuse service, I am still disappointed that this ...

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Vendor Spotlight – Melanie Pearson of M. Pearson Photography

One of the best aspects of being a wedding planner is that I get a chance to collaborate with creative professionals. It is so rewarding to be a part of a team that is all working together to make a wedding or event fun, unique and run as smoothly as possible. In today’s blog, I ...

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The Non-Saturday Wedding

The Non-Saturday Wedding – Reasons to consider one of those other days of the week. Have you ever talked to a couple who are willing to postpone their wedding by a year or more because their favorite venue was already booked every Saturday during their preferred time of the year? I have. Recently, I assisted ...

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The Dress

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Once you got the dress handled, it’s all downhill from there.  – Helen Hunt in “What Women Want” Okay, maybe planning your wedding isn’t all downhill, but it can sure seem stressful especially after you are over the thrill of picking out your gown. For many newly engaged brides, dress shopping is a fun and ...

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The Friendor Dilemma

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The Friendor Dilemma Your best friend loves to bake. Everyone complements her unique and delicious confectionary creations. You loved the cupcakes she made for your birthday. Now that you are engaged, she totally wants to make the cake for your wedding, but you have your heart set on this three-tier stained glass creation: And you’re ...

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Custom Wedding Invitations

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Custom Wedding Invitations Custom Wedding invitations should be more than just the who, what, when and where. While those details are super important, your invitations should also be a reflection of your wedding theme and highlight your style and colors. When your guests open that envelope, they should automatically get a feel for what is ...

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