Beer, Wine and Liquor – Should you serve all three?

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Non-alcoholic beverages, like tea or lemonade, are typically supplied by your caterer. But what about alcoholic drinks? Unless you hire an independent company or add it on to your catering contract, you will probably have to purchase them yourself. Many couples choose to serve beer and wine only. Sometimes this is for personal reasons. But ...

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The Non-Saturday Wedding

The Non-Saturday Wedding – Reasons to consider one of those other days of the week. Have you ever talked to a couple who are willing to postpone their wedding by a year or more because their favorite venue was already booked every Saturday during their preferred time of the year? I have. Recently, I assisted ...

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The Friendor Dilemma

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The Friendor Dilemma Your best friend loves to bake. Everyone complements her unique and delicious confectionary creations. You loved the cupcakes she made for your birthday. Now that you are engaged, she totally wants to make the cake for your wedding, but you have your heart set on this three-tier stained glass creation: And you’re ...

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Wedding Favors

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Wedding Favors Even if your wedding budget is ample enough to allow for them, do you need to provide wedding favors to your guests? Traditionally, favors were made of sugar, precious metals or stones; items too expensive for most people. These were used not only as a thank you to the guests, but as a ...

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