Custom Wedding Invitations

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Custom Wedding Invitations Custom Wedding invitations should be more than just the who, what, when and where. While those details are super important, your invitations should also be a reflection of your wedding theme and highlight your style and colors. When your guests open that envelope, they should automatically get a feel for what is ...

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Honeymoon Registries

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Honeymoon Registries When it came time for my daughter to register for her wedding, I thought about my mother’s wedding china that she had given to me. China that is currently packed in a plastic tote stored in the corner of my hall closet. Thinking about my neglected set of china got me thinking about ...

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Wedding Favors

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Wedding Favors Even if your wedding budget is ample enough to allow for them, do you need to provide wedding favors to your guests? Traditionally, favors were made of sugar, precious metals or stones; items too expensive for most people. These were used not only as a thank you to the guests, but as a ...

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