Setting a Wedding Budget

July 6, 2018Budget, Love, Marriage, Reception, Wedding, Wedding Planners

One of the most unpleasant parts of wedding planning is setting your budget and tracking your spending. According to this 2016 BRIDES study, more couples are contributing their own dollars to have the wedding they want. And we all know that money can be a source of tension in a relationship. To help avoid conflict … Read More

Encore Weddings – Falling in love again

January 30, 2018Love, Marriage, Proposal, Reception, Wedding

“How lucky to have been twice blessed in marriage!” – Harriet Smith, Emma (film) Every wedding is a unique and wonderful event. Just because it is your second (or third) marriage, doesn’t mean your special day is any less important than your first. Every desire should be considered and every detail should be planned. Because it … Read More

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month

June 20, 2017Love, Marriage, Personal

June is LGBT Pride Month and a chance for us to appreciate diversity and practice acceptance. This is my “coming out” story. When I was 16, I came out as a mixed-race person. I know that it may not sound like a big deal these days, but this was the 1980’s. I went to a … Read More

The Dress

April 5, 2017Marriage, Vendors, Wedding

Once you got the dress handled, it’s all downhill from there.  – Helen Hunt in “What Women Want” Okay, maybe planning your wedding isn’t all downhill, but it can sure seem stressful especially after you are over the thrill of picking out your gown. For many newly engaged brides, dress shopping is a fun and … Read More

Wedding Rehearsals…Don’t expect perfection

March 28, 2017Marriage, Wedding

In the theatre, you know that before any performance there are rehearsals. And your wedding is no exception. You and your fiancé are the lead actors, your wedding party is the supporting cast, and your wedding planner is the director. Like a play, rehearsal is a chance to practice your parts. But if you have … Read More