Every year is a gift and a chance to celebrate, but some birthdays deserve special recognition. We can help you plan your Mitzvah, Quinceañera, Sweet 16 and beyond. Other family celebrations we love to plan are Anniversaries, Reunions and Graduations. As with all our events, guest experience is our highest priority, and we hope that the person on honor feels like a guest at their own party.


Birthday Party Services

Venue and vendor selection based on budget and availability

Theme and style development by creating a collaborative vision board

Budget monitoring to make sure we stay on track

Secure rentals and decor items and arrange delivery and return

Up to four one-hour planning meetings, in person, or electronically

Unlimited electronic communication via email, text or phone

Creating, distributing and executing a detailed event timeline

Arranging transportation for you and your guests

Setting up of purchased or rented decor items

Distribute final payments or gratuities to vendors, if needed

Collection and return of personal items post event

Prices start at $750.00