My Social Media Game Sucks!

June 30, 2020Personal, Wedding Planners

And I know it. I’m a planner. I’m really good at planning. I love to plan. Which is probably why I am terrible at social media. Being good at social media requires a degree of spontaneity. Being good at my job requires an abundance of preparation. I am usually thinking about the next problem to … Read More

Introducing… Elopements!

June 10, 2020Elopement, Marriage, Trends, Wedding

Whether it’s due to Covid 19 or the idea of a big wedding is just plain intimidating, couples are now embracing elopements. And I couldn’t be happier. I have always loved the idea of intimate weddings and putting together this package with my favorite wedding professionals was such a joy. With this package, couples pick … Read More

Stay Calm and Plan On

April 15, 2020Budget, Reception, Trends, Vendors, Venues, Wedding

We are now 30 days into the Covid-19 crisis and it seems that the whole world is on pause. Weddings and events have been cancelled, postponed or altered. And we all look forward to when we can get together again with our friends and families. As the government starts to decide on how the economy … Read More

Planning My Own Wedding

February 12, 2020Marriage, Reception, Wedding, Wedding Planners

My wedding is on May 2, 2020. And guess what? I haven’t even gotten my dress yet. I know, I’m a planner. I should have this down. I should have gotten everything done months ago. Nope. My clients, I’m totally on top of everything. I know the ins and outs of every detail of their … Read More

All Weddings are Local – How weddings and events support small business

November 5, 2019Marriage, Personal, Reception, Vendors, Wedding, Wedding Planners

Every November we are encouraged to support local businesses on Small Business Saturday, which ironically, is a campaign created by one of America’s largest corporations. One of the wonderful things about being an event professional, is that with every wedding, party, and event, I get to work with other entrepreneurs who also took a chance … Read More

Beer, Wine and Liquor – Should you serve all three?

August 5, 2019Budget, Reception, Wedding

Non-alcoholic beverages, like tea or lemonade, are typically supplied by your caterer. But what about alcoholic drinks? Unless you hire an independent company or add it on to your catering contract, you will probably have to purchase them yourself. Many couples choose to serve beer and wine only. Sometimes this is for personal reasons. But … Read More

Pride Month 2019

June 19, 2019Love, Vendors

As Pride Month 2019 comes to a close, unfortunately, I have been reminded that there are still vendors that refuse to service LGBTQ couples. And while we do not have the power to change anyone’s mind, and the courts have asserted that it is their right to refuse service, I am still disappointed that this … Read More

The No-Kid Wedding

March 11, 2019Love, Marriage, Reception, Wedding

You hear and read it all the time, couples who don’t want kids at their wedding. You might be one of them. But I really think you should reconsider.  I know all the reason why you don’t want them there: you think they will misbehave, you don’t want to spend the extra money on kid’s … Read More